A 1.6 mile section of the Superior Hiking Trail between the 100 mile race start (Gooseberry Falls State Park) and Aid Station 1 (Split Rock) has been permenately closed and is pending a permanent reroute.  We were holding out hope that the new permanent reroute would be in place for this years race but we have received official word from the Superior Hiking Trail Association that this will not happen until 2016.  As a result we will make use of the Superior Hiking Trails official reroute on the Gitchi Gami State (paved) Bike Trail which parallels Highway 61 and Lake Superior.  The net effect of this reroute is that the first (approx) 4.5 miles of the 100 mile race will be on the bike path to the Split Rock River Wayside where runners will cross safely under Highway 61 using the “box culvert” to reach the Split Rock Wayside parking lot and the continuation of the Superior Hiking Trail – at this point runners will have approx 4.5 miles on the SHT / SplitRock River Loop to Aid Station 1 / SplitRock.  The overall distance from the race start (Gooseberry) to Aid Station 1 (Split Rock) will be approximately .5 to .7 miles shorter than the original route and the overall length of the race will be approximately .5 to .7 miles shorter.  As in years past there is still no crew access for crew or spectators at the Split Rock aid station and no crew or spectators should go to the Split Rock River Wayside, there is just not enough parking to accomodate normal non-race-related day use along with race crew and spectators.

Note that this change has no effect on the Marathon or 50 Mile Race.

If you have specific questions relating to this issue they should be directed to [email protected]

*A note regarding course record attempts in 2015: Any time (on the men’s or women’s side) run under the current course record time(s) will be weighed carefully against several factors including overall finish time / time under previous CR, overall course conditions, weather etc. and will still be eligible to receive official course record designation – all final decisions will be at the discretion of the Race Director and the Superior 100 Mile Trail Race Board of Directors.

Superior 100 2015 Gooseberry Reroute 600px 8-6-15