Just wanted to say thank you. I DNF’d at mile 63 for the hundred for medical reasons. Despite this I had a great time and loved everything about your race. I’ve done about a 100 ultras in my life… Superior was the best. I’m from Philadelphia and had never been to MN before this weekend but I felt I was home. The people, the volunteers, the course were all great.Thanks again…I’ll be back! – Greg H.


I wanted to say thank you for such a great race weekend. It was my first attempt at 100 miles. After many years of pacing and crewing my friends at Superior, I wanted to give it a try. While I didn’t get to the finish line I had an absolutely amazing experience.Your volunteers are unbelievably wonderful. At Cramer Rd, I was really starting to suffer from an injury to my ankle. Robyn was volunteering and immediately came over to help. She was incredibly kind, positive, and encouraging. She gave me the help and the boost I needed to get out of that aid station.This is just one example of the kindness and compassion I encountered this weekend. There are simply too many to recount. Thank you again to you and your whole team.Hope to see you next year! – Andrea R.


I’d like to say thank you to you your amazing team of volunteers. The aid stations, the HAM team, the first aid people, the markers and sweepers set up / tear down squad and everyone else made this race one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I’m beyond grateful. – Vince C.


I just want to thank you for an awesome experience from start to finish. The aid stations that you coordinate are amazing & were a very large part of my finishing my first ever 100 mile race. Thank you again. – Ron B.


THANK YOU again for an amazing weekend up north. You, Cheri, and the army of people you have behind you are incredible. – John H.


Had a great time this past weekend. I need to spend more time on real trails and not just farm roads – specificity in training takes on new meaning on obstacle course trails like that, but it was a blast and much more fun than a “tame” trail. Tame is easy to find, not so much a beautiful wildish single-track like that. Just need to learn to pick my feet up (Rock… steady… run some more, repeat). Thanks for the opportunity. Organization was top-notch, volunteers fantastic, artwork world-class! – Robert N.


Thank you so much for putting on an excellent event! First trail race in MN and I’ll definitely keep your races on my radar; and I’ll need to try this marathon again (or the 50). – Ken


John Storkamp is the best race director in the world!  And the SHT races have the best volunteers in the world! They are “saints”… They helped me achieve my successful journey across the MMM course… I will remember this forever…. THANK YOU ! – Fred W.


Not much else can be said but I’ll repeat. My first 50, Awesome experience. Awesome volunteers. Awesome well run race. Phenomenally brutal and rewarding trail. An experience I’ll never forget. – Steven S.


I wanted to just say thank you to everyone that help in any way to put this event on. I was told by a friend that has run with you before that everyone in this race is treated like family, and I have to say he was understating it. This was my first for both a trail race and a marathon, and I have to say after this experience it will not be my last. – Chris W.


I don’t know how to express how AWESOME of an experience I had at this race. My “lows” were nothing I could ever have imagined and the “highs” can’t be described by words. Thank You John and your crew!! Thank You volunteers!!! Please tell the 3 dudes that were sweeping up to Finland (I think that’s right) THANK YOU!! They were awesome and I Frickin turned it around from there and finished 63rd!! YEAH!!! What a weekend!! THANK YOU!!!!!! – Shane P.


Big thanks to all the volunteers, especially the 3 sweepers, Pat, Seth, and Eve(? I think that was the nice lady’s name) who put me back together when I was crashed and were nice enough to impart some of their experience and wisdom to me on the walk out. Didn’t accomplish what I set out to, but met some fantastic people and maybe learned enough to get it next year. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Also the folks at the aid station where my wife was waiting (and waiting …) for me. She said you were great. First class folks all around. – Ben B.


John and all your many, many friends and family (blood, marriage, trail) who showed up to volunteer, crew, pace, run: thank you thank you, thank you for such a wonderful weekend. It’s so fun to be a part of such a great communal happening and it’s hard to think of a more happening happening than this one. The blisters, bruises and toenails will be gone soon enough but the memories last a lifetime.  I’m the guy who says Woo! I had such a blast. – Kevin L.


Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to put on this race and take such amazing care of all the runners. Thank you to my friends and family who changed my socks, cooked me food, and supported me throughout the day. I met more than a few amazing people on the trail who made me laugh, gave me advice, cured my cramps, and helped me to my feet when I could barely stand. I was unable to make the time cutoff at Country Road 6 after roughly 15 hours of trudging through the heat. I’m already counting down the days until next year to avenge my DNF. Congratulations to all runners!
– Jake H.


Thanks to all you amazing volunteers who made the race possible, fun and encouraged every runner along the way! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces volunteering at each aid station. We runners couldn’t have done it without you on a tough hot day (or two for those 100 milers)! – Jay S.


Dear amazing race volunteers, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for putting on such a wonderful event. Your passion, positive energy, and sincerity are without equal. I’ve never been to a race so well organized and where the volunteers did such an amazing job of taking care of the runners. Their efforts were nothing less than heroic. Although the race didn’t turn out for me the way that I had hoped, I can\’t say enough great things about all of you. I hope to give it another try in the future! I wish you all the best and a great fall and winter.  Best Wishes, Guy C.


Thanks for putting on a great race! It is a spectacular course both for its athletic challenge and for its scenery. The volunteers are very helpful and encouraging. It obviously takes a lot to put on such a race and to mark it. Then, the trail has to be swept for trash, removing trail markings, and of course looking for straggling runners if need be. It was a tear jerker for me dropping at 20 miles this year. I was a top 20 sub 32 hour finisher in my last race in 2008. But, I know without a doubt that I made the right call in dropping due to illness. It would’ve been a physically painful exercise in futility and suffering. However, this allowed me the opportunity to help out at an aid station. It was my first time at an aid station other than as a runner. It was neat to be able to encourage runners, to help them resupply, to offer my own headlamp that I no longer needed when someone else’s crew accidentally took his headlamp, and to give a ride to the finish to an injured runner who had to drop. I’ll be in your races again. – Pete


Thanks for the great race John. Very impressive. Nailed my first buckle. Love the swag. Volunteers were the best. Brought a pacer with from Omaha who was very impressed and has this on his list. Developed a mantra throughout. We love Rocks, We love hills. We love Rocky Hills. Havent figured out a positive spin for the mud though. Uffdah! – Steve S.


Thank you for the opportunity to give this run a crack. Although it didn’t turn out as I planned, the experience will be unforgettable.


I completed your race last saturday (marathon), and I just have to say that it was the most unique, and one of the most challenging event I have ever done. This is coming from a guy, who has completed over 50 marathons, 250 triathlons, including 3 Hawaii Ironman Finishes and numerous World championships, all over the county and the world. I was a bit out of my element, especially climbing up Carlton Peak, and my overall time wasn’t very fast, but I had a blast and hope to do your event again next year.Keep up the great work.  – Michael M.


Thank you for the most amazing race experience . My last two years running Afton and now Superior have me hooked on your trail events. Your team makes the experience so special. It felt so free to run and walk along the superior trails in what was an amazing day this year… A little water and mud for sure, but that just added to what is a really technical course not for the faint of heart. My previous road running days of marathons can’t come close to the experience I felt this weekend. The resort was awesome and looked after us so well like your team and massive group of passionate and dedicated volunteers. They really rock. The runners are all class and band together afterwards to celebrate a really special occasion.The very best and will be back for future races. – David L.


Thanks for what I can only describe as a world class event this past weekend. From start to finish, that’s hands down the best run event I’ve ever been a part of. For my first 50, I couldn’t possibly have had a better experience. Registration was a breeze, the aid stations were top notch, and I can’t tell you the number of times I wondered to myself if I had managed to stay on course, only for a flag to pop up on my left hand side just seconds later. I would imagine I speak on behalf of all the runners, crew, and spectators in thanking you for the countless hours you put in to organizing and operating such an awesome event. Catch up on your rest, you’ve earned it, and we’ll see you next summer. – Neil J.


Wanted to thank you guys for an incredible weekend at the Superior 100, it was my first attempt at the distance and I had an amazing experience and can’t thank you guys enough. – John F.


For the past 24 hours I’ve been trying to compose the perfect email in my head, to thank you and the incredible volunteers that I encountered at this years ST100. But the truth is that it’s difficult to put in to words how grateful I am to you and your team. I’m a first time finisher, it took 3 tries, spread over 15 years to get to this point. The feeling of accomplishment has been worth the wait.  John, you have surrounded yourself and drawn into your circle an incredible group of people that are united in their dedication to try and get every racer to the finish line. It really doesn’t need to be said that the backbone of an event like ST100 is the strength of the volunteer group, but what I want to say is that without them, I couldn’t hold my head so high today.Thank you to you and to your team for helping me achieve my 15 year dream. – Greg B.


Volunteering at Silver Bay was a good time (the crew was exceptional; the women serving the food did a wonderful job, as did the chief), the race was very enjoyable, and the communal lodging (I got a bed Friday night) was a God-send, for which I was very thankful. The Lord willing, would like to do all of it again next year. – Stephen B.


I wanted to once again extend a very sincere thank you to you and most certainly the volunteers for all the hard work and dedication that was put into the race. The markings were easy to follow, the volunteers were energetic, eager to help, and motivational. They were constantly asking “what can I do for you” and making suggestions. I came into Temperance having a mental breakdown and the volunteers had a huge role in getting me back into my game and to 103. Another volunteer once offered me the socks off her feet (Sonju maybe?) when I had bled through a pair of my own as well. Also, shout out to the couple who drove me back to temperance for the car. That was much appreciated. The post race atmosphere, food, and drinks were great (chilli was spot on). Designs on ALL race swag were jawdroppingly badass. The course lived up to the rugged and relentless expectations. Personally, I’d call it a “beautiful hell”, and one I will happily return to. – Brandon Y.


Is this where I thank the volunteers? I need to thank the volunteers. Each and every one of you made my day. The aid stations were fantastic, staffed with cheerful, helpful people willing to deal with my nonsense UD hydration bladder and well-stocked with supplies. The course markings were spot-on, even in the darkest hours of the night. The pre-race meeting, finish line accommodations, and road crossings were run to perfection. The extra work that went into race tracking this year helped me share my experience with so many people who could not make the trip up north. Thank you so much. – Adam I.


Thank you and the volunteers so much for a great race this last weekend! I had a wonderful time suffering through 50 miles on the beautiful trail. A trail I was slightly unprepared for, I might add. Running in Boulder, CO, I am quite used to rough trails. However, we don’t have nearly as many roots and our rocks are angular, knobbly, textured granite on which one can hold footing at an angle. Out there, especially in combination with the mud and moss, the smooth, rounded rocks were something different entirely! But that’s why we run the trails: to have new experiences, see new sights, and tackle new terrain. Thank you for all your hard work putting this great race on; I’m sure that a point-to-point race is about the toughest, logistically. It was done perfectly! I look forward to being out there again in coming years! – Ben B.


Thanks to all the Superior 100 volunteers you definitely inspired me. Coming into the Sugarloaf, Cramer and Temperance aid stations I was in tough shape and certain my race was over but your energy, enthusiasm and selfless assistance got me right again each time and back on the trail. By Sawbill and Oberg I was smelling the finish line and was feeling great. I even ran like a crazy person full tilt during the last 1/2 mile once the lodge was in sight. I think I passed a few people in that final leg which wasn’t really my intent all I saw was the finish where I knew my loved ones were cheering. – Peter H.


Thank you John and all the volunteers who truly made this day so incredible. This really was a life-altering race and I enjoyed being part of the Superior 100 community. I met some great runners yesterday and had a blast meeting all the volunteers and all the other crew members. What a special day. – Frayah B.


Thank you to the race director and all of the amazing volunteers for making this race a huge success. Every aid station I came into made me feel like I had my own personal crew out there. Amazing views and tough gnarly course made this well worth it. I will be back again! – Mike D.


Thank you and the volunteers so much for a great race this last weekend!  I had a wonderful time suffering through 50 miles on the beautiful trail.  A trail I was slightly unprepared for, I might add.  Running in Boulder, CO, I am quite used to rough trails. However, we don’t have nearly as many roots and our rocks are angular, knobbly, textured granite on which one can hold footing at an angle.  Out there, especially in combination with the mud and moss, the smooth, rounded rocks were something different entirely! But that’s why we run the trails: to have new experiences, see new sights, and tackle new terrain.  Thank you for all your hard work putting this great race on; I’m sure that a point-to-point race is about the toughest, logistically.  It was done perfectly!  I look forward to being out there again in coming years! Ben B.


Hi, I just wanted to thank you and all the volunteers for the great races you put on in the fall on the Superior Trail. The volunteers go out of their way to help, the race is well organized, and the food/hydration choices are great. Pancakes! I had pancakes! 🙂 Also, even though I’m a slow marathoner, it is awesome finally crossing the finish line to hear you guys cheering for me. And I know my sister feels the same. So thanks again. We hope to make it an annual thing.


On a more personal note, I want to thank you for doing what you do.  These evens are so incredible to take part in.  My visions of saying something profound to you and the finish line crew were thwarted by the 50 miles that had sufficiently fried my brain and body and the fact that my kids were jumping all over me before I even got to the finish line.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know that these events have a profound effect on a lot of people and I would love to be a part of helping that continue.  Thanks for your time and I hope things are well with you.  Take care.


Before another day ‘escapes’ from under me, I wanted to take a minute and ‘thank you’ for all your hard work, relentless pursuits and unwavering dedication to this event. I have now run 2 Moose Mountain’s and can tell you (of all the races I have ever run in my life– and there are plenty for a late bloomer), THIS race is by far (hands down/no excuses/no parallel)… THE BEST.Obviously, the terrain has much to do with it, but above and beyond that, the ‘spirit’ of the race (which is largely set by you and the many wonderful volunteers, is what puts it at the TOP. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, THANK YOU (again and again) for your work and love of this event. It SHOWS… and that (quite frankly) is the greatest compliment one can bestow on someone else. Take care of yourself, rest up (and rest up some more!) and (with some answered prayers!) I hope to see you next year.Blessings Tish T


My husband who didn’t fully understand why anyone would want to run this long, is now inspired to give it a whirl after crewing and watching the whole scene.  He couldn’t believe the atmosphere, kind people, and positivity.  He enjoyed every minute.  So thanks for putting on a race like that – can’t imagine how much work goes into it.  We’ll be back!


Last, thank you so much for a great race! I’ve been glowing all week from my first 100mi finish, and I’m so glad I could score my first at your race. Seeing you at the finish was a dream. This is my third year running RSR races, and I’m so happy I could progress through the distances with you. Looking forward to next year and my second star!


I am late in writing this note for 2015, but it is more important than ever to thank you, Cheri, and all of the amazing volunteers for the wonderful race that you put on. The folks that man the aid stations and tend to the course put forth nothing less than a super human effort every year. They are truly a beacon of light and hope for runners in the darkest of hours on the course. Without them, there is no way that I would have had the fortitude to go on and finish this year. I hope to join them and help other runners next year for the 2016 edition. It would be my great honor to stand among their ranks. As you wisely wrote in one of your opening letters, finishing is a wonderful thing, but it is not the heart of the experience of this race—that is something that all of us who take part in this magical weekend in any way, shape, or form share together. I hope to join you out there next year helping others along as they have done for me over the last three years. Enjoy the fall!All the Best, Guy


Please accept my most sincere apologies for not sending this e-mail sooner.  I have really been enjoying sleeping and eating since the race, but that’s no excuse for failing to give you the thanks you’re due for putting on such a great event. Thank you to you and all of your amazing volunteers for another fun and challenging race.  Your event somehow manages to feel very professional in its level of organization, but at the same time so intimate and collegial.  Now that I have done a couple more races, I have a whole new appreciation for how difficult it is to manage that balance.  You have such friendly and helpful volunteers, and I appreciate all the little details that make the race stand out.   I am finding that I am both in love with and afraid of this race.  I have a healthy respect for the course, but the scenery and the challenge are just so compelling.  Long story short, I’ll be seeing you next year. PS. One final thank-you: My dad crewed me this year and after the race he told me he wants to take up running so he can try the Moose Mountain Marathon next year.  Your event is so good it convinces non-runners of the appeal of trail and ultra-running. Thanks again, Mallory


Once again, the Moose Mountain Marathon was a great race. The organization, the trail markings, the aid stations, and especially the volunteers – all were awesome. Thank you for all your hard work!! – Sally


I just wanted to send a belated thanks to you and everyone who helped put on the Superior 100 this year. I have wanted to do this race for a long time, and it did not disappoint! I greatly appreciated the friendly and helpful volunteers, the delicious aid station food (especially a lot of the hot food!), and the well marked and beautiful course. Thanks again, and I hope to be back one day!  Gretchen


We would like to thank you for running such amazing events. I ran the Superior 25K in the spring & my husband & I ran our first marathon ever this fall. The organization, communication & concern for each & every runner was wonderful. The volunteers, every single one, was amazing. I don’t know how to say thank you to the bearded gentleman at Sawbill the helped me with my pack & fuel, but he made my day. I mentioned that this wasn’t the first time he had done this (he knew my pack better than I did), & all he said was “20 years.” Thank you for running a race that makes these volunteers come back year after year. It is a testament to you, the race & the runners making each volunteer fell appreciated that makes this all work so well. – Jennifer


Just a quick email for you. I told you real quick when I crossed the line but kudos to you and your race volunteers. I have run 100 plus marathons/50 milers and the event you guys put on is one of the better ones. Felt honored to run on the superior trail and it was so refreshing to see all the people hang around when they were done to cheer on the other runners. Hoping to make the cut again next year via the lottery. – Craig


I hope you’re doing well and getting some well-deserved rest after such an epic weekend! I ran the 50 on Saturday, and I just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you! My race did not go as planned / hoped, but even so – I’m so glad to have been able to be a part of it all, and I’m so grateful to you and all of the amazing volunteers for putting on an AMAZING race weekend yet again! Superior is like a giant family reunion where you get to meet “family members” you didn’t even know you had. Even when I was exhausted and hurting, the Superior family was there for me, encouraging and cheering me on and doling out liberal amounts of ginger ale to try to help settle my very angry stomach. The Superior Fall races have earned a special place in my heart, even though I’ve only gotten to be a part of it all twice now. Thank you so, so much for making it all happen! You rock! With gratitude. – Cari A


This is Eric (a 50-miler who wasn’t able to run this weekend due to injury). My friend ran the 50-mile race and I was up there supporting her. I was super impressed with the whole event. It was obviously really well organized and I had a lot of fun being there as a supporter of the runners. Congrats on an amazing event! I’ll hopefully be back next year. – Eric F.


Thank you for everything; from the race communications, the best course marking I’ve ever seen, fantastic volunteers, and a race finish environment I will tell everyone about and remember forever. It was a great race and a great day! You guys do it right! Can’t wait until next year! – Emily W.


I want to thank you for putting on such a wonderful race. I’ve organized 5k’s before and know how much logistics that is, so I can’t imagine what you have to go through getting all these races together. It really was one of if not the best organized race I’ve ever seen. – Ryan M


Thank you for making my first hundred last weekend an experience I’ll never forget. I could’ve probably picked an easier race for a first timer, but staying home and running Rocksteady was the only choice in my book. I know it takes a ton of outstanding folks to put this on, and I thanked as many as I could along the way, but you guys hold the bar high and set the tone. Great communities don’t happen by accident, and I hope to continue running and volunteering with the Rocksteady community until my legs fall off. Right now that seems imminent, but I’m sure in another week I’ll just lose some toenails and be fine. Thanks again for all the excellence. – Nick R


This race is amazing! I was one of those silly people that raised my hand Friday night re: first marathon, first trail run. While I was terrified , I must say I enjoyed every minute of it! More importantly – I wanted to send you a note of thanks. I grew up on the North Shore , that trail is home to me but have never challenged myself in this way. I want to thank you for all the work that you do that gave me the opportunity to feel empowered and challenged by Mother Nature and Mother Superior. You don’t just make the race happen, the work that you do makes the experience, and that experience was unforgettable. Thank you for your time and dedication to this event. You are a leader of an amazing community and I’m so appreciative of the way you turn a race into a community. Awesome work! I’ll be back next year – hopefully to run but if I don’t win the lottery – to volunteer. That trail had always held a special place in my heart- but your time and dedication to the event really transforms the run into an amazing community of people. Thank you so much for all the hours you put in! Know that it is noticed and appreciated! Cheers! – Colleen

– 2019 –

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how awesome this weekend was up at Superior. I had a different view this year crewing Kevin instead of running and it was quite eye opening. The effort your team puts in to make each of the aid stations (and everything between) happen is astounding. I also have a new found respect for crewing/pacing…wow, what a different dynamic…especially early in the morning when you’re dead tired and trying to keep your runner from falling apart. It was far more challenging, exciting and rewarding than I had ever imagined. Anyway, thank you again for a great weekend, I had a blast and I can’t wait to get back at it next year. – TJ


Just wanted to check in briefly to let you know how much I appreciated the volunteers at the race this weekend. The folks at Oberg amazed me. I ended up missing the cutoff there by a few minutes. As I walked into the aid station area, several of the volunteers made a bee line to me to see if there was anything I needed. Donnie Clark wouldn’t let me by without shaking my hand with a big smile on his face. Another young lady sweetly offered and walked some quesadillas and gummi bears over to me as I sat down chilling out for a bit. Just little things, but it meant a lot. I’m getting misty-eyed just now as I type this. People that work and volunteer at your races care and it shows. Thanks – Don


I ran the Moose Mountain Marathon this weekend – my first ever – and had a great time. I wanted to thank you and your army of volunteers and employees for putting on such a great race – it exceeded all of my expectations. I am awed by the athletes I ran with and by the positive energy surrounding the entire event. Most of my body is sore and recovering now but a tiny part of me is already thinking about the prospect of attempting a longer race next year. After re-reading the history of the Superior Fall Trail Race on the website, I realize how much blood, sweat, and tears you, and all of the other directors and staff before you, have given to create and continue this very special race. Thanks and take care. – Pete


First, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous amount of work you put into this amazing event. I never really knew anything about the North Shore or the SHT before running the race last year and I instantly fell in love with everything about it. This year was my second Superior 100 finish of what I hope will be many. I have no idea why I want to continue to put myself through that brutality year after year but I’ll be back whenever I can get in and you can bet I’ll be volunteering when I can’t!Thanks again and best wishes for you and your family. – Mike


I want to keep this short and sweet because I can’t imagine how busy you are directing these races. Thank you for doing everything you do to make Superior (especially) the event that it is. This was my first year running it after pacing and crewing for Bob Skenzich last year. I wasn’t successful in completing the race, but I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and it’s definitely the best race experience I’ve ever had. The support, the volunteers, the aid stations, everything is steeped in excitement and tension the whole way (at least what I was able to get through). The SHT speaks for itself in what a wonderful and challenging trail it is. My friend James came out with me from the DC area to crew me. He’s run dozens of 100s, has done the Grand Slam, has run UTMB, regularly crews for Mike Wardian, and he said that he’s never seen support for a race like he saw at Superior. The packed station at Tettagouche particularly impressed him. What you have going on is really special, and I hope that you continue to helm the race for years to come. My wife and I are moving to Germany for a few years in a couple of months time here, but I’m already planning on doing everything I can to make that lottery for next year and every year after. I need the buckle and sweatshirt. Thanks again, I hope you and yours can rest for a bit here. It’s well deserved. – Ryan


I wanted to reach out to you regarding the race last weekend I had with my brothers and I. The Castillo Trio. We have never ran a trail marathon before and we were all blown away by the experience. The aid stations were spectacular. We will try to convince our dad to run it with us next year if possible. Two questions: 1. When is registration open for the next one in 2020? 2. Are you doing any other trail marathons in the meantime in the MN area? Thanks for all the work you put into it, it will be an unforgettable experience for me. Warmest Regards – Joshua


You guys put on the best races, but it is so much more than that. RSR is a community of amazing people that I am proud to say I am a part of. Thank you for your selflessness and all that you do so people like me can chase our dreams. Anytime you need something and I am available, please let me know so I can help out. You have given me way more than I’ll ever be able to give back. – Ben


I want to thank you for the awesome races that you put on. I am still green to the culture and atmosphere of trail racing. This year was my first all-nighter at an aid station, and I can say that I had a blast. This was also my first hands-on experience of Superior. Much like what I have experienced at Zumbro, your races and the race family culture are amazing. Thank you. For me, I also have a new perspective on running and racing. Helping runners throughout the night was very educational for me. Something that I look forward to implementing next spring at Zumbro. ~ Jason


Another tremendously run race! You and your team of volunteers are truly the best in the business. Yeah, the courses are beautiful, challenging, fun, etc., but you need to know that a big reason all your events are filled to the max year after year is because of the race director and his team, and how every detail has been thought of. Great great job on another successful Superior Fall Trail Races. Love it! With respect. – Kyle


I am not on Facebook so don’t have the ability to express my thanks to you, all of the excellent volunteers, the whole community of Minnesota ultrarunners, etc. If you could pass along my thanks via this email I would be grateful. I have attached a photo I took of the infamous “one person at a time bridge”, my favorite photo I was able to capture during the race, as a small thank you. (As many race reports I’ve read and Kevin’s book I still don’t know the course as well as you guys, so not sure what river that was!) Without yours and all the volunteers dedication and hard work my first Superior 100 finish would not have been possible. Every single person I saw on the course-volunteers, runners, spectators, crews, hikers- was friendly and encouraging. You all have a beautiul state and a great community. The course was the most technical and challenging I have ever run. What passes for “runnable” is still muddy, small rocks and roots that still require vigilance, and rickety boards. The challenge was amazing and I loved every single step. I hope to be back many times in the future and hope to see some of you in the future at the Burning River 100 in Cleveland! Sincerely your friend from  OH – Andrew


Another tremendously run race. You and your team of volunteers are truly the best in the business. Yeah, the courses are beautiful, challenging, fun, etc., but you need to know that a big reason all your events are filled to the max year after year is because of the race director and his team, and how every detail has been thought of. Great great job on another successful Superior Fall Trail Races. Love it! With respect. – Kyle


My husband ran the marathon this past weekend, and I have never felt more compelled to thank a race director for such an awesome experience. Thank you – thank you for what you do, what your wife does, what your team of dedicated volunteers and race staff do to make Superior and all the RSR races what they are. The community you have worked hard to nurture and develop over the years makes the RSR community fun and welcoming for everyone regardless of whether or not they are racing. There’s no other community like it. I hope you realize the magnitude of what you have done for trail running in Minnesota because it’s truly something special. Cheers to many more miles. – Rachel


Hi, I’ve uploaded some photos I took during last weekend’s Superior (F) Trail Race to my FB page. I was fascinated by the communal spirit displayed at the race and throughout the entire two days, the material and emotional/motivational support provided to runners by friends, family members, pacers, and the countless volunteers. I think it’s very unique to the RSR races and I’ve tried to capture some of it in my photos and in-between crewing and pacing for my sister (I am no professional photographer, however). Just thought I’d let you know, in case you’re interested in sharing. Thank you for a fantastic race weekend!


Thank you for the incredible weekend! Everything about it was awesome. YOU delivered, RSR delivered, and your VOLUNTEERS delivered! I fastpacked the 100 course a year ago and it prompted me to sign up for the 50 mile this year, and it didn’t disappoint. It made me wish I would have done the Superior Fall Races earlier. The SHT is definitely magical and all the work you guys put into it is incredible. I know you don’t have a problem with race numbers, but I will be recommending it so more Iowa folk make the trek up to the North Shore to experience it. – Nate


First time EVER at volunteering and witnessing what this race is about. I can honestly say it has been my honor (my friend’s and mine) to be inspired by runners, crews and fellow volunteers! what an incredible community! you do have something special going, I can think of one name or two or three, not even runners but truly special family we got to meet and serve with, Dale and his wifey along with Steffan at our Sawbill aid station. I could not believe 23 years and going strong for non runners to serve the way they do with incredible dedication and joy all those athletes. I was so moved by it all. I never thought I would say this but I am bit glad Kathy (my friend) and I did not make it in the lottery, because we truly got to be a part of something truly awesome from the “other side”. My teen and hubby will be helping next year and if I don’t get to run, I will be there with them. Thank you for all you do, it was truly special for us to be there.


I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience last weekend at my first Superior 50 mile. Although I’ve been an athlete all my life, I’ve only been running ultramarathons for the last few years. I recently moved back to MN last year after 25 years away. I train solo and I don’t race often so I’ve always felt a little on the outside of the ultramarathon world. At other races, I’ve struggled with feeling a little invisible, especially at aid stations where it can feel like a reunion for old friends. I didn’t feel that way for one moment last weekend. I was so welcomed at every aid station despite not knowing a single person. The volunteers were so warm, outgoing and welcoming and made me feel like I truly belonged. As a newcomer to Midwest trail running, I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for the wonderful experience. I will most certainly be back! Thank you again! – Sarah


I have no formal race report to submit, but I did just want to drop you a note to say how wicked awesome the race was! I have now done Superior Spring once (25k in 2018) and Superior Fall once (26.2 in 2019) and man do you guys do a great job. Every aspect of the race is well coordinated, well communicated, and well executed! You have a shit ton of great volunteers who make each of the aid stations a great experience, and I was so excited to reach the finish line not only to be done but because of how great the atmosphere and amenities are. I think my runner’s high is still going from last Saturday – I have daily been looking at the new photos added to the site and have already started dreaming of what Rocksteady races I want to do in the future. Thinking I need to get a 50K under my belt, so maybe Superior Spring or Afton will be on my race calendar next year. So from one racer (who probably represents many), thank you, thank you, thank you! Last Saturday was one of the highlights of my year! And I look forward to challenging myself to more of your races in the future. – Zach


I’d like to start out by thanking you for an incredible adventure! This was my first 100mile race. I’d been so scared for so long, so full of doubt that I had what it takes to do a “hundo.” I’ve listened to my husband and his friends talk about their ultras and always thought – wish I wasn’t such a slow runner, maybe I could do this. I’ve heard stories about the course for Superior 100 for nearly 10 years, heard about the relentless up and down, the epic fun and smorgasbord of aid stations, the booming voice welcoming runners to Crosby aid station, the lift of sunrise on the second day, and the camaraderie of the runners. After volunteering in 2018 at the Sawbill aid station I was committed to trying to run Superior. Thank you for the challenge, thank you for living up to the hype I’d heard, thank you for the incredible PB&J sandwiches and all of that ginger ale I drank. The lady who had little confidence in her ability just kept moving with a ton of help from other runners, my crew, my pacers and the kind folks at the aid stations. John, you said that Cheri had packed each of us a belt buckle so come and get it – I didn’t want to let you down when y’all had had such faith. Cheri, you gave my my finisher’s sweatshirt and told me congratulations but I forgot to tell you that! I’m deeply grateful for the experience you guys provide – it was spectacular. – Gretchen


I want to thank you for an amazingly well organized event. It was a privilege to be back out here racing in the Superior 100. Thanks for all the hard work you and your staff, volunteers, and loved ones put into the herculean effort of providing a memorable experience for all the participants. – Alex


I just wanted to drop you a quick note about this weekend. This was my 4th RSR race this season. I loved every one! They each got their own flavor. I’ve been dreaming of the Superior 100 for at least five or more years (since I got into the crazy world of ultras). This race exceeded all of my expectations. The aid stations were incredible. Very well stocked. Every aid station had some specialty food items to keep things interesting and fresh. The volunteers were thoughtful, polite, and funny. The photographers on course were very kind and encouraging. The race organization, logistics, communication, and apparel design (t-shirt, buckle, hoodie) are exemplary. It makes me proud and happy to know that you sit at your laptop (probably) and pound out these artistic, wearable masterpieces. I appreciate all the hard work that you and Cheri put into these races. It’s a labor of love I’m sure. In closing, I loved your start line speech and I really appreciate your vibe and aura. Very humbled, grateful, and proudly moved to become a part of the Superior family. This weekend was one of the best in my life (right up there with my wedding day and the birth of my kiddos). I can’t really articulate how thankful I am for the things you do that enrich peoples lives. Grateful for you and everything you do. Take care. Enjoy your fall. Very sincerely, 1st time Sup100 finisher – Justin


Thank you for a wonderful race! I know you had a decade worth of curveballs to deal with in the past year, and I wanted to let you know that I think you and your entire team were AMAZING. The race, aid stations, course marking, communications, and everything else were really perfect. The weather and scenery was super too. Regards – Harry


Thank you for everything that you do with this race. Once again you have put on an incredible event. Every step of the way was filled with support from the volunteers and other runners, there is no community like the one that you have established.


I cannot imagine the stress that was created by COVID and the fires, but things came together and you came through with an incredible experience. Thank you for everything that goes into the races, there are very few experiences like this in the world. Again, thank you, there is nothing on this earth like the experience that is RSR. – Ryan


It was such an amazing run. Thanks. I ran the marathon and linked it to the alphabet. Each of the 26 miles I used the corresponding letters and thought of blessings in my life that started with that letter. From A to Z I am blessed. Thanks for your gift of this event. – Kim


Just wanted to reach out and thank you for putting on such an amazing event. It was organized perfectly and all the participants and volunteers were amazing!!! Mmmm pancakes. This race was so much more than “just” a run for me. There was a lot of meaning behind it for me. It was one of the best days of my life. Thank you! – Katie


What an amazing feat to head up this incredible Superior Trail event! I had a wonderful yet challenging time and so grateful for your persevering efforts to pull it off. Love the detail of the emails- such thorough and caring”passion”! So very blessed to pray on the trail and so grateful for His creation to enjoy. Would love to volunteer for future runs. – Lisa


I’ve run the Superior 100 Mile Trail Race four times. Finished three. I’ve been reading your notes to runners for the 2021 race. Especially through all the ups-and-downs of the past few weeks. I just read your final runner email. Wow! Even for someone not running the race or heading to the North Shore I was inspired. And touched. I’m grateful for all you do. Racing. Organizing. Writing. Inspiring. I have faith that this weekend’s races will be all they need to be. For you. And for everyone involved. See you on the trail sometime. – Mike


Thanks for putting together a great event and great weekend. You really dialed in the weather this year (timely rain on fires and perfect race weather)! I personally had a great time completing the 50 miler and helping my buddy, Aaron Hansen, through the first few aid stations of his 100 miler. As always, the volunteers were superb. I am already looking forward to next year and maybe going for my first 100 miler. Keep it up! – Josh


I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your 50M race this year. I don’t know if you can pass on any thanks but if so, I’d also like to thank the course sweepers at the Oberg AS. I came in there ready to quit and they set me up with water and some mashed potatoes and beef stew and got me going again so I could make it in over the finish line. I’ve been thinking a lot about that this week and I’m glad they were there and made the extra effort to convince me I could make it all the way. I hope to run more of your races and volunteer if running doesn’t work out since it’ll give me a chance to meet up with some more great folks and maybe pass on some of that great energy. – Greg


Superior Fall Trail Race
100MI, 50MI, 26.2MI Trail Race(s)
Lutsen, Minnesota
(approx 4hrs North of Minneapolis, MN)
September 11 & 12, 2020
100MI Friday 8:00AM
50MI Saturday 5:15AM
26.2MI Saturday 8:00AM

Registration / Lottery:
Registration via 15 day lottery registration period.
Opens Wednesday January 1st, 2020 – 12:01AM CST
Closes Wednesday January 15th, 2020 – 11:59PM CST
Complete Lottery / Registration Details HERE

100MI Start: Gooseberry Falls State Park, MN HERE
50MI Start: Finland Rec Center – Finland, MN HERE
26.2MI Start: Cramer Road – Schroder, MN HERE
Races Finish: Carbibou Highlands – Lutsen, MN HERE

The Superior Fall Trail Races 100MI, 50MI & 26.2MI are run on rugged, rooty, rocky, 95% single-track trail with near constant climbs and descents.  The race is held on the Superior Hiking Trail in the Sawtooth Mountains paralleling Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota / not far from the Canadian border.  The race located approximately 4 hours North of Minneapolis, Minnesota.   The Superior Fall Trail Races are very difficult / challenging races and are probably not a good choice for your first trail or ultra race (see Registration Info for qualifying requirements).

100 Mile:
Point to Point 103.3 Miles
Elevation Gain 21,000 FT
Elevation Loss 21,000 FT
NET Elevation Change 42,000 FT
13 Aid Stations
38 hour time limit
Complete 100MI Info HERE

50 Mile:
Point to Point 52.1 Miles
Elevation Gain 12,500 FT
Elevation Loss 12,500 FT
NET Elevation Change 25,000 FT
7 Aid Stations
16.75 hour time limit
Complete 50MI Info HERE

26.2 Mile:
Point to point 26.2 Miles
Elevation Gain 5,500 FT
Elevation Loss 5,500 FT
NET Elevation Change 11,000 FT
3 Aid Stations
14 hour cutoff
Complete 26.2MI Info HERE

More About the Race:
The Superior Trail 100 was founded in 1991 when there was no more than a dozen or so 100 mile trail races in the USA, back then if you wanted to run a 100, you had choices like Western States, Hardrock, Leadville, Wasatch, Cascade Crest, Umstead, Massanutten and Superior . Superior quickly earned it’s reputation of its namesake today – Rugged, Relentless and Remote and is known as one of the tougher 100 mile trail races.  Superior lives on now as one of the “legacy 100 milers” and is considered by many to be one of the most challenging, prestigious and beautiful 100 mile trail races in the country. Shortly after the inception of the 100, the Superior 50 was started and in the early 2000’s the Moose Mountain Marathon was added. None of the history or tradition of this race has been lost and is a great event for those looking for a world-class event with a low-key, old-school 100 miler feel.  The Superior Trail Race is put on by ultrarunners for ultrarunners.

More About the Area:
The North Shore of Lake Superior runs from Duluth, Minnesota at the Southwestern end of the lake, to Thunder Bay and Nipigon, Ontario, Canada, in the North to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in the east. The shore is characterized by alternating rocky cliffs and cobblestone beaches, with rolling hills and ridges covered in boreal forest inland from the lake, through which scenic rivers and waterfalls descend as they flow to Lake Superior. The shoreline between the city of Duluth to the international border at Grand Portage as the North Shore.  Lake Superior is considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. It is the world’s third-largest freshwater lake by volume and the largest by volume in North America.  The Superior Hiking Trail, also known as the SHT, is a 310-mile long distance hiking single-track hiking trail in Northeastern Minnesota that follows the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior for most of its length. The trail travels through forests of birch, aspen, pine, fir, and cedar. Hikers and runners enjoy views of boreal forests, the Sawtooth Mountains, babbling brooks, rushing waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. The lowest point on the trail is 602 feet above sea level and the highest point is 1,829 feet above sea level.