[ This is a copy of an email sent to all registered runners on August 3, 2021 after the initial “lottery” registration period. ]

Hi All,

You are receiving this email because your payment card was charged yesterday and you are officially entered into the 2021 Superior Fall Trail Race, Friday Sept 10 and Sat Sept 11, 2021. Welcome! A list with your name on it (!), and your fellow registered runners can be found HERE https://ultrasignup.com/entrants_event.aspx?did=86696

We are just under six weeks from the race(s), so plenty of time to complete your training. There is also plenty of time for more ebbs and flows with Covid. From early on, the experts warned that there would likely be ups and downs with the virus as the months (and years) wore on. As you learned from your 100MI, 50MI or 26.2MI reading assignment, our eyes are wide open and our 2021 event is set up to be resilient, flexible and safe in light of this. We will be monitoring things over the coming weeks, and as we get closer we will make some final decisions on the items that we highlighted as being subject to change / modification. The good news is that even if we had to enact some/many/all of these modifications, the experience on the trail should be pretty much identical to years past – the Superior Hiking Trail is still stunning, the climbs are still steep, the roots and rocks are still plentiful, and the opportunity for an inner journey of trail-induced transcendence remains undiminished.

Over the coming weeks some things that you can proactively do to prep for this year’s race are as follows: Make sure you have drop bags that meet the published requirements, make sure that you have a reusable cup should you want to enjoy a soda at the aid stations (we are a cupless race) and make sure you have procured the gels, sports drink packets and electrolyte supplements you prefer as we will be cutting down on or eliminating these items going forward as we spend more time looking at expiration dates and throwing these items out than you do ingesting them, I suspect this is the case due to there being so many products on the market now and everyone has their own preferred mix of these items.

On par with most other trail / ultra races in our area this year, the Superior Fall Trail Race is currently sitting at just over half of its normal capacity. While we are not looking to fill it to 100% of normal capacity, and are totally fine with having a smaller race, we are going to reopen registration until August 15 to allow a few more folks the opportunity to run. If you have friends or family looking to run, feel free to pass this info along.

On a similar note, we are still accepting volunteers. We would like to have the majority of our volunteers committed by August 15 as well. If you know anyone looking to volunteer please pass THIS along https://www.superiorfalltrailrace.com/read-first/

I am excited for Superior; those last sun soaked days of Summer, those subtle hints of Fall and the longstanding tradition, dating back to 1991, of gathering on the North Shore with like-minded individuals, spiritual seekers, endurance mystics and ultra goofballs. It is going to be really great.

Please reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]