I am beyond excited to announce that lottery registration for the 2021 Superior Fall Trail Race will open on Sunday July 18 at 9:00AM CST. Lottery registration will close on Sunday August 1 at 9:00AM CST. Those that were registered for, and subject to the 2020 cancellation will sign up via the lottery, but will have priority and are guaranteed acceptance into the race. All others may enter the lottery at this time as well – any remining spots will be awarded thereafter.

It is absolutely crucial that everyone do the REQUIRED (distance specific) reading PRIOR to registering:




VOLUNTEERS: If you are not planning to sign up to run, but would like to volunteer, we will need you! You can learn more about volunteering and sign up HERE https://www.superiorfalltrailrace.com/read-first/

In race / event planning terms, for an event this big / complex, it has come down to the wire – I am working diligently to make sure that this years race will be a great experience for everyone involved. I thank you for your patience and can’t wait to see you at the race!

John Storkamp

Race Director
Superior Fall Trail Race