Superior 100 Mile Runners,

First of all, thank you all again for participating in this years Superior 100 Mile Trail Race, one of the original dozen or so 100 milers in the country, it is an honor and a pleasure to once again be hosting so many talented athletes from around the country – we have 137 runners registered from 28 states and Canada and about 125 volunteers to support you.To date, I hope that you all have been staying up to date with the race via our Facebook Page and the Website, especially the 100 Mile Info Page and our Blog.  I will not go into every detail you need to know here (within the body of this email) but instead will direct you to the information that is available via the website (which you should already be familiar with).

Below are a few significant things to note.

  • The mandatory pre-race meeting / packet-pickup is at a new location from last year, it will be held at the Two Harbors Community Center – 417 South Avenue, Two Harbors, MN  55616.  You will pick up your packet, number and timing chip at the pre-race meeting.  Be sure to have your drop bags prepared with the aid station name, your name and your race number – bib number assignments can be found HERE – be sure to prepare all of your drop bags in accordance to the drop bag requirements on the website – NOTE that we will not accept any drop bags on Friday / at the race start.
  • The race will start at 8:00 AM Sharp at Gooseberry Falls State Park, do not forget your chip and your number on race morning.  You can either get transported to the start via your crew / family or friends or take the bus from Caribou Highland / the race finish departing at 6:00 AM sharp – again all the info regarding race morning is on the website /  100 Mile Info Page
  • Crews – it is imperative that your crews park where and as noted on the directions found HERE – your crews need to be responsible for printing their own directions to aid stations etc. as we will not have this info available / printed for you.  Drive slowly when in proximity of the aid stations – do not park on roadways except where noted that you are permitted to do so and always park on one side of the road only in those areas. Make sure that your crews to not show up at the two aid stations noted at crew access – Split Rock and Sonju LK. Rd., this is grounds for runner disqualification.
  • Per the 100 Mile Info Page make sure you are familiar with the cutoffs and stay ahead of them.  Keep in mind that these are hard cutoffs.
  • IMPORTANT: If for some reason you need to drop out of the race you must turn your chip into a race official (either an aid station worker or a HAM Radio Operator) and communicate that you are dropping from the race – failure to do so will result in a lifetime ban from this race – this is a safety issue so we don’t send search and rescue teams looking for you just to find out you are sitting in your hotel room – it has happened before and causes a lot of concern and diverts critical safety resources from those that may need it, not only at the race but within the surrounding communities.
  • In the past we have had between a 50% and 60% finishers rate – if you are one of the lucky ones who finishes you will receive your buckle and a finishers token as you cross the finishers line, you will also pick up your finishers sweatshirt, a name-patch to be sewn onto it and a star for the finish, plus for those who are multiple finishers, stars for each previous finish that you have achieved – more info HERE
We are looking forward to seeing you all and another great race at the Superior 100.  As always we hope to put on a world-class event while maintaining the down-to-earth, low-key, old-school vibe the race has always had – please help us to keep it this way but being extra courteous to our volunteers and reaching out by meeting new people and most importantly enjoying yourself.  As always please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to ask questions of your peers via our Facebook Page. See you in a few days.


John and Cheri Storkamp and the Entire Superior 100 Mile Team
Race Director
Superior Trail Races