Superior Fall Trail Race 2019 Volunteer Email 1.5

Date: Thursday August 1, 2019
Subject: Superior Fall Trail Race 2019 Volunteer Email 1.5 (2019 Superior Fall Trail Race Aid Station Captains August 1 Check-In)

Distribution List:
Split Rock – Rick Berg
Beaver Bay – Nancy Griffith
Silver Bay – Curt King
Tettegouche – Peter Schnorbach
County 6 – Jamison Swift
Finland – Dawn Long
Sonju – SHTA / Jaron Cramer
Crosby – Karen Gall
Sugarloaf – Jan O’Brien
Cramer – Brian Poeppel and Tara Rourke
Temperance – Mill City / Bekah & Jeff Metzdorf
Sawbill – Dale Immerfall
Oberg – TCRC / Kurt Decker

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for coming back and captaining your respective aid stations again this year! Superior is the 10th oldest and one of the best reputed 100 mile trail races in the country and absolutely would not be what it is without the consistency and expertise that we have at our aid stations.

I think all but one or two of our captains have gotten their names on the volunteer list – if you have not yet, please help me out by dropping me your info – this really helps with the amount of manual data-entry that I have to do.

To date, we have about 215 volunteers signed up for the race, of what will hopefully be about 315 volunteers in total (which is about the perfect number to execute the event). We are tracking slightly ahead last year on this date, so we are looking pretty good, but need to get that final 100 signed up in the next three weeks for sure! That said, I strongly encourage you to reach out to those that were at your aid station last year and / or even more importantly reach out to a person or two in your network that may have not helped at the race before, who you think would be a good addition to your team. Introducing new people to the race is not only good for the race, it is good for people, friendship, team and community building… like our friend Robyn say “volunteering at Superior might just change your life!” You can direct any prospective volunteers to THIS email and then to the signup HERE

Finally as a reminder (especially for the aid stations County Road 6 and later) as you are thinking about your extra food / hot food meal planning, please keep in mind that we are happy to reimburse for any extras that you buy. A couple of organizations do this as part of their sponsorship of the race and a couple other individuals prefer to donate, but just know that we want / need you to do some extra hot food items beyond the general aid station fare that we can provide and don’t want the cost to be a barrier. Also, remember, if you have a trusted aid station helper(s) this is something you can delegate / partially delegate etc. These aid stations are so big these days that delegation becomes key. Please let me know how we can help!

That is all I have for today. It is hard to believe today is already August 1st! I hope to start volunteer assignments in the next 10 days and have another mass communication out to all volunteers shortly thereafter.

If you need anything from me at all, please reply to this email, Facebook message, text or call – any of those work!


John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]