Superior Fall Trail Race volunteer Email 4

Date: August 26th, 2014
Subject: Superior Fall Trail Race Volunteer Email 4

Hi All!

We will try to keep this one short and sweet since it is always a balancing act in keeping the lines of communication open while not bogging you down with too much information!

Volunteer Updates:
If you have signed up more recently to volunteer copies of earlier emails can be found HERE

Volunteer Assignments:
We could see some minor tweaks between now and race day but this is pretty close to what it will be – what we will call 95% Volunteer Assignments are posted HERE  be sure to sort and search by job and by your name since many of you are assigned more than one job.

Volunteer Jobs:
The jobs corresponding to volunteer assignments can be found HERE – this link contains important information about each volunteer job, directions and more.

Volunteer Lodging:
Communal lodging for Aid Station Volunteers is available at Caribou Highlands Townhome Unit #544 on Friday and Saturday night.  Marking and Sweeping Volunteers have already been given information regarding the unit they are in and anyone else not working an aid station or marking / sweeping will get lodging information directly from us.  Here is a map detailling where the townhome units are at Caribou Highlands 

A few reminders about lodging:

  • This is communal lodging meaning you may share a bunk room or a living room floor with others.
  • We ask that you bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and pillow as there may only be floor space available when you are needing to sleep.
  • This is in a nice, modern clean townhome near the finish area at Caribou Highlands and there are cooking facilities and showers available, please make use of them!
  • Please clean up after yourself and have your towel and toiletries if you are going to take shower.
  • Please do not reserve a room or bed for yourself, if you are not going to be there for awhile please pack your stuff up and keep it with you, if there is a free bed or bedroom, feel free to use it.
  • Do not lock the door to the unit, if the door is locked there will be a key under the front door mat, do not take / remove this key – leave it there otherwise people coming in after a volunteer shift could be locked out.
  • Do not leave valuables in the townhome since we will not be locking it.
* The race runs on a tight budget so thank you for your understanding on the communal lodging arrangements.  We want to make volunteering as accessible and painless as possible for everyone and realize / appreciate that you are already spending money on gas to get up to the race, buying meals and some of you even take time off of work.  These arrangements have always worked out well in the past and everyone seems to have a great time!HAM Radio, Markers and Sweepers
Ham radio operators your assignments are made and sent to you by Rick and Jayne Johnson.  Markers and Sweepers, Matt Long is the Marking and Sweeping Coordinator and your assignments have been emailed to you, if for some reason you did not see that, the information is available HERE Emails:

  • Within the next couple of days we will be sending aid station captains only some additional information
  • We will also be sending individual group emails for each aid station so you have some direct contact with those that you are working with

The Website: contains just about everything you would ever / could ever need to know about the race.  Please take some time to study it and print off the materials that you think will be helpful to you on race weekend since cell and Internet coverage is non-existent in areas.

We just simply could not do this without you, we are all part of something special.

Please email or call me with any questions.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
Superior Trail Races