Greetings Runners!

We are just over a week out from the 2022 Superior Fall Trail Race. 325+ volunteers are coming together to put on this year’s race. We are thrilled have 945 registered runners from 5 countries, 39 states and 202 Minnesota cities.

If You Can No Longer Run:
If for any reason you will not be running the race (we love you and we will miss you), there is no need to contact us to let us know – we will know you are not starting when you do not pick up your race number.


NOW is also the time to review all of the information on the website again, so you are as prepared as possible come race day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to review the information associated with the distance you are running (links below) along with taking the time to review other important sections of the website.

100 Mile Info:

50 Mile Info:

26.2 Mile Info:

Maps / Data:


Below are some important reminders and a few updates:


Covid Considerations:
If you are not feeling well, stay home. All race related activities and events are outdoors.


Bib Number Assignments:
Bib number assignments have been made and are available on our website HERE – Be sure to use the ‘search’ function to find your name as the list is not entirely alphabetical. Knowing your bib number at check-in is helpful. Those using drop-bags should mark them with your name and bib number.


Bib Number Pickup and Drop Bag Dropoff:
Bib number pickup and drop bag dropoff for each distance is just that – there will be no pre-race meeting. We will be there if you have any last minute questions, but everything you need to know is on our website.  We only accept drop bags the night before each race, never on race morning.


Drop Bags Return:
Once aid stations close, drop bags will be delivered to the finish line, but most will not be available until after 8:30PM Saturday night. Drop bags will remain outside, unattended and unmonitored near the finish line until approximately 9:00AM on Sunday. Unclaimed drop bags will not be mailed to you and will be donated to charity.


Tettegouche Reroute (Affects 100 mile runners only):
We sent 100 mile runners a separate email about this on 8/26, but here is a link to the info again


Cupless Race:
A reminder that we are a cupless race, so carry your own water bottle, hydration bladder or cup. We will have hot cups used for soup and other hot food items.


Aid Station Food & Special Nutrition Items:
Here is a post about what we will (and will not) have for food and drink at the aid stations.


Course Markings:
If you studied the specific info page (linked above) for the distance you are running, you will have come across it, but if for some reason you missed, HERE is a comprehensive guide about the trail / race course / course markings.


Crew, pacers, family and spectators:
If you have crew, pacers, family or spectators joining you at this years race they need to review THIS page and associated links in their entirety, please make sure you forward this information to them. Runners, you are responsible for your pacers, crews and spectators.


Runner Tracking / Results
Links to results and 100 mile runner tracking can be found on our website. Live tracking is done for the 100 mile race only and is for entertainment purposes – there is no guarantee that it will always be updated or 100% accurate. The link to 100 mile runner tracking can be found HERE – The direct link to results can be found HERE


Medals / Buckles / Stick Around:
All 100 mile runners will be handed / awarded a medal and a buckle as they finish the race – finisher sweatshirts and patches will be available for pickup under the party tent, you or your crew need to seek these out on your own. All 50 mile and marathon runners will be awarded a medal.  We started doing new medals in 2021, a scaled back design sans year / date with space to write it in or add other info helps us to cut down on waste (no more throwing out / burning dated medals). There are no specific overall or age group awards – while we love and respect the hell out of our fastest participants, that is just the vibe we have gone with.  Please stick around at the finish line with us until the very last runner comes through as we celebrate each runners accomplishments! 


Post Race Meal:
A huge thank you to Caribou Highlands / Moguls Grill and Taproom for dong a wonderful job catering Chili for this event.  We will have meat and vegetarian chili for participants after they finish the race. For crew, pacers, family members or runners that needs something more, Caribou Highlands / Moguls will be doing a cookout, selling burgers and other items right at the finish line as well.


We took a year off of shirts and instead produced this handsome hat. All runners and volunteers will get one (and we will have some extras for sale for crew, pacers, spectators, family, etc.)


Swag for Sale:
We will have some t-shirts, hats, posters, stickers, sweatshirts and more for sale. Cash or check preferred – PayPal and Venmo available.


Support the Superior Hiking Trail:
A large percentage of you are already Superior Hiking Trail Association members.  Many of you who are not, indicated at the time you registered, that you would like to be.  Now is a great time to show our support en masse that we, as trail runners support the trail that we love to run!  You can join, or make an extra donation to the SHT via the following (custom for Superior Trail Race) links… and – if / when you donate consider droping a line to the SHT telling them how much you value the race and the trail. The Superior Trail Race will continue its charitable legacy to the Superior Hiking Trail Association with a $3,000 donation in 2022, in addition to ongoing volunteer efforts on the trail itself; building, clearing, maintaining and improving.


Please click the link to check out all our awesome sponsors – several of which are heading up aid stations! (Performance Running Gym, Trail Transformation, Mill City / Saint City Running and Twin Cities Running Company).


We cannot thank you enough for coming and taking part in the Superior Trail Race – we cannot wait to see you all at the race. If you have any questions, shoot me an email.


Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]